About The Fuelcard Expert: DCC Group

DCC, which is listed on the London and Irish Stock Exchanges. DCC comprises of 5 divisions: DCC Energy, DCC SerCom (IT & Entertainment products), DCC Healthcare, DCC Environmental and DCF Food and Beverage. Approximately 8,000 people are currently employed by the group.

The Fuelcard Expert falls within the DCC Energy division. This division supplies fuel cards alongside transport fuels, fuel oils and heating oils to industrial, commercial, domestic and agricultural industries within Britain, Ireland, Austria and Denmark. The division currently holds a 14% market share within Britain. Selling approximately 4.5 billion litres of product per annum. DCC Energy dominates the oil distribution market in Northern Ireland. It has a 20% market share, whilst holding 6% of the market in the Republic of Ireland. Upon entering the oil distribution markets in both Austria and Denmark in March 2010, DCC energy has quickly become the key market player, holding 10% and 13% of market share respectively.

Moving forward, DCC Energy will continue to promote and position itself as the leading branded fuel card supplier within retail and bunker card networks, with the intention of expanding its reach into continental Europe.

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