Ask The Expert – For great solutions to make telematics data work for you #1

The first important decision to make when considering telematics data is knowing which information to use

Beverley Wise, Director UK & Ireland at TomTom Telematics told us: “The amount of data produced is enormous, so you need to ensure that you’ve built filters into your reports, or get your telematics provider to build you reports that give the information that relates to, and is usable within, your business.

“Identifying those filters is an important consideration: otherwise you’re just going to be looking at lines and lines and lines of data and then you have to build all the reports.”

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Telematics systems are of invaluable use to fleets, offering numerous benefits, including lower costs, less wear and tear on vehicles, and higher driving standards.

But these systems also generate huge amounts of data, so it’s key that fleet managers understand which data is relevant and how best to use it.

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