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Telematics data also needs to be easily accessible, when fleet managers want to use it

Chris Miller, chief executive of Norwegian telematics company ABAX said: “The majority of data will be stored on secure servers, which provide information to the end user from a web-based interface, sometimes referred to as cloud storage. Most modern telematics solutions will store data online for their clients to access. For the most part, it is secure, always available and accessible from any device.”

“Some systems may require a data download, which is when the data is downloaded from a server or telematics box onto the customer’s computer. Some would argue that this increases the level of security and practicality, as the data is then available offline.”


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Telematics systems are of invaluable use to fleets, offering numerous benefits, including lower costs, less wear and tear on vehicles, and higher driving standards.

But these systems also generate huge amounts of data, so it’s key that fleet managers understand which data is relevant and how best to use it.



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