Ask The Expert – For great solutions to make telematics data work for you #4


Being able to pull all the data together  –  irrespective of the format or how frequently it changes –  is the final crucial element of best practice

Nino Tarantino, CEO of Octo Telematics North America, explained how best to do this, saying: “Theres a need for a scalable IoT (Internet of Things) platform for fleets. You need to effectively apply big data management techniques and algorithms to accurately capture, process, store and analyse the huge volume of telematics data. It’s just as much about what data to discard as it is about what data to analyse, extracting actionable insights from the vast data set.”

“Security also needs to be addressed. Compliance to standards such as ISO 27001 should provide fleet owners peace of mind that their telematics data is secure.”
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Telematics systems are of invaluable use to fleets, offering numerous benefits, including lower costs, less wear and tear on vehicles, and higher driving standards.

But these systems also generate huge amounts of data, so it’s key that fleet managers understand which data is relevant and how best to use it.

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