City driving ‘needn’t be stressful’

City driving 'needn't be stressful'

Anyone planning to travel in busy urban areas over the coming months might find that the summer weather means more traffic is on the roads than normal, but when it comes to taking the sting out of congested streets, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has some helpful advice.

IAM chief examiner Peter Rodger comments: "There are plenty of things that could potentially distract you on a city journey and as ever, preparation and your frame of mind are the key factors that will get you through you it incident free.

"Stay calm and don't compete with others on the road and you will end your journey as relaxed as when you started it."

Recommendations for stress-free city driving from the IAM include taking the time to plan journeys in advance and to purposefully avoid those areas that are known for high volumes of traffic.

In addition, when out on the roads, drivers should aim to look as far ahead of them on the road as possible in order to give them the maximum amount of time to react, such as when getting in the right lane or when approaching a junction.

Motorists should also keep an eye out for things like bus and cycle-only lanes that may have vehicles travelling faster than the lanes around them.

Meanwhile, individuals that do get stuck in traffic should make sure they are not blocking other lanes or junctions, as this can lead to gridlock and the stress levels will soon go through the roof!

Ultimately, drivers need to show extra vigilance when travelling on busy urban streets, but with a little forethought much of the stress of city driving can be avoided.

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