Drivers ‘failing to prepare when travelling overseas’

Drivers 'failing to prepare when travelling overseas'

Half of all drivers that carry out journeys on foreign soil do not take the time to properly research local laws and regulations prior to their trip.

This is the conclusion of new research from price comparison provider, which asked more than 1,800 UK vehicle operators to highlight the amount of preparation they undertake before planning journeys overseas.

Overall, the results showed that approximately two-fifths (39 per cent) of UK vehicle operators will drive on foreign roads at some point this year, but for 50 per cent of this group they will take no additional steps to ensure they are safe and legal when motoring abroad.

Perhaps most worryingly, a shocking ten per cent of respondents believe that driving laws remain the same no matter what country a person is driving in – this is not the case!

When it came to specific motoring laws for driving in Europe, just 16 per cent were aware of the fact that road users in Spain that require a pair of glasses to be able to drive safely must have a spare pair with them in their vehicle, while fewer than one-quarter (23 per cent) were aware that drivers in France must carry a personal breathalyser with them at all times.

These are just some of the unique laws and regulations drivers must be aware of when planning journeys overseas.

Responding to the results, spokesperson for car insurance at Matt Oliver stated: "Our research found that many holidaymakers could be putting themselves at risk by not preparing properly before driving abroad.

"Speed limits, traffic signals and priorities, local rules on alcohol limits, the use of mobile phones and safety requirements differ from one country to the next. So, many people could find themselves facing on-the-spot fines or run the risk of an otherwise avoidable accident if they fail to plan ahead."

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