Support sought for Brake’s Giant Walk

Support sought for Brake's Giant Walk

Road safety charity Brake has announced it will be once again organising its Giant Walk event this year, to help to promote improved road safety for children up and down the country.

Taking place on June 10th, the event is based around highlighting the benefits of walking and cycling to school on public health, while at the same time ensuring both young people and road users are fully aware of the dangers they can face.

It is hoped that more than 90,000 children will take part in this year's Giant Walk event, with the youngsters receiving information on things like the forces involved in a car crash, how children around the world travel to and from school, how travel has changed through time and, perhaps most importantly, how to stay safe when out on the streets.

A full day of lessons will be planned around the road safety agenda for those schools taking part, while the initiative will also aim to raise awareness among drivers of their responsibilities when it comes to road safety for all.

It will see kids, their teachers and parents also taking part in a short walk from their school gates as part of the day's activities, presenting the chance for youngsters to practice the skills they have learnt in order to to stay safe.

Brake deputy chief executive Julie Townsend commented: "It's a chance to teach children about road safety and why walking is healthy and eco-friendly, and also to call on local drivers to make a big difference by slowing down to protect children on foot and bike.

"We're urging schools to sign up now to take full advantage of the resources and support Brake offers to help schools get involved."

She added that the annual event is also a great chance for schools to lobby their local authorities to have sensible speed limits instigated on roads in their area.

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