Ask the expert – Our top fuel saving tips No,1

Make sure your vehicle is serviced and maintained

Regular maintenance such as checking tyre pressures, engine oil levels, and proper servicing according to the manufacturer’s schedule are vital in ensuring your vehicles are running properly and to maximise fuel efficiency.

Tyre pressure – If your tyres are under inflated by just 1psi, fuel efficiency can be reduced by up to 3%. So check tyres once a week or whenever you fill up.

Check air filters – Car engines are tough but they still need protection from impurities to work efficiently. Replacing a clogged air filter can improve fuel economy by up to 10%.

Service your engine – A dirty engine increases fuel consumption. Start by changing worn out spark plugs and reduce consumption by up to 5%.

Use correct oil – Using your car manufacturers recommended motor oil can improve fuel economy by 1-2%.

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