Crown Commercial Service Supplier

Framework RM1027 – Fuel Cards and Associated Services

The Fuelcard Expert as a wholly owned trading name of The Fuelcard Group (Fuel Card Services Ltd) have been chosen, following a detailed tender process, to be a Crown Commercial Service supplier, working under the CCS framework agreement, reference – RM1027. This particular framework provides organisations working in the public services with a solution for the provision of fuel cards and associated services.

RM1027 has been designed to support managers working in the public sector to better manage their fleets, reduce costs and administration, and to support the Government with its austerity program and sustainability targets. It provides the manager responsible for fleet management with detailed reporting and information which will help them run a more efficient fleet.

The framework agreement is open to any organisations working to supply public services, and it has been specially designed to help those managers running the largest fleets, as well as those with just a few cars on the road.

Quick summary of the framework benefits:
A) Simple yet secure means of payment for fuel
B) UK wide networks of service stations available to your drivers
C) A simple route to reducing your fleets running cost
D) Management reporting, available on demand, online

You can visit our dedicated public sector website here.