Ask The Expert – What is the difference between fixed/commercial rate & pump price fuel card accounts?

Fixed/commercial rate fuelcards provide the customer with a fixed nationwide price for their fuel. A nationwide diesel price is set weekly, based on the ‘bulk’ market prices, often referred to as the Platts price.This fixed ‘bulk’ price, sometimes called a ‘bunker’ price is usually lower than the diesel & petrol* pump price and can offer significant savings on fuel costs for commercial fleets.Examples of fixed/commercial rate fuel cards are BP Plus, euroShell, Esso Commercial Card, Texaco Fastfuel card, Diesel Direct (Keyfuels) and UK Fuels.*fixed rate petrol only available with Texaco & Total fuelcard accounts.

Pump price cards do what they say on the tin, the price charged relates to the price advertised at the individual pumps. Some pump price cards incur surcharges and or transaction charges, so you need to ask questions about these. Cost savings come through other service benefits, such as greater network coverage and reduction in administration costs. Examples of pump related price cards are: BP, Shell & Esso.

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