Ask The Expert – What are the differences between using a Fuel card and a Credit Card?


A fuel card not only gives you more control over expenditure but it also cuts down on time spent on the administration. For example, instead of employees paying with their own credit cards and claiming back in expenses, the fuel card allows them to make the payment hassle free, with no added paperwork.

If an employee has access to the company credit card this can be used to purchase many additional business related items beyond fuel, which can mean hours spent reviewing credit card bills to select fuel transactions.

Fuel cards, on the other hand, are restricted to purchasing only fuel products, oils or lubricants and cannot be used to purchase sundries from the service station, thus cutting down on administration, as well as unnecessary spending. Not only this, but fuel cards also provide interest free credit saving you money long term.

You can utilise the online account management software provided to ensure that your drivers are using your fuel cards properly. Issues such as fuel fraud can be identified quickly, you can also receive reports on MPG and fill-up patterns for individual drivers, which can help highlight wasteful driving or excessive fill-ups, all insights which conventional credit cards cannot provide.

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