Ask the expert – Our top fuel saving tips No.4

Simple dos and don’ts

Follow these simple dos and don’ts for quick and easy ways to reduce fuel consumption.

Don’t… take unecessary trips. Combining journies where possible is the easiest way to conserve fuel.

Do… avoid rush hour. It’s probably the most frustrating time to drive but avoiding rush hour also means you’ll spend less time stuck in traffic, burning fuel

Do… remove your roof rack when not needed. It could reduce fuel comsumption by 5%.

Don’t… carry excess weight. For every extra 100 lbs (45kg) you carry in your car, your fuel efficiency can drop by 1-2%.

Do… make sure your fuel cap is properly screwed on after every fill up. This prevents fuel, and effectively your money, from evaporating.

Don’t… use your air-con more than necessary. It puts added strain on your engine which increases fuel consumption by up to 8%. Try using your car’s internal ventilation system instead.


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