Why do you tolerate ‘call centre syndrome’

If there is anything that drives members potty, it is suppliers treating you like second-class citizens rather than as valued customers. We hear complaints about everything from late deliveries to incorrect invoices, but there is one thing that really gets your blood boiling: call centre syndrome. It started in the finance sector, but these days everyone seems to channel customer interaction through call centres.

Call centres only make sense for companies receiving thousands of calls per hour. One area where it is hard to justify their use is the fuel card sector. Fuel may be a commodity – although fuel cards themselves are not – but our members are all different and each has specific, individual needs. Too many suppliers behave as though they believe that customers are all the same. That, unfortunately, is the approach to customer service practiced by almost every supplier of fuel cards – as some of our members know, to their frustration.

The Fuelcard People, stands out from the crowd by its approach to customer service. Every member opening any fuel card account is immediately allocated a dedicated, named account manager – with a named back-up to cover holidays. It means that you always talk to the same person, who soon comes to know your business and understand your needs.

For full information on the benefits of having the right fuel card, email Theo at TWoolard@thefuelcardpeople.co.uk or call him at The Fuelcard People on 0844 870 6942.

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