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When it comes to running vehicles, we have three kinds of organisations. There are those who are already getting the best possible deal on paying for fuel. At the other end of the spectrum, we still have some organisations who pay the full price at the pump.


The first group are those organisations who have taken full advantage of an account with The Fuelcard People. They now have the best possible fuel deal, carefully selected to meet their individual needs from everything available. They enjoy discounts of up to 4p per litre on the national average pump price – and, they do not pay for it at the time of refuelling, but enjoy interest-free credit.


Any organisation can enjoy ‘fill up now, pay later’ refuelling* – at discount prices – If you are one of the organisations in the second group you pay for your fuel with cash, credit cards. Simply, you are paying more than necessary for your diesel and petrol, plus the administration hassle associated with refuelling.


The third type of organisation? These have not yet contacted The Fuelcard People, they already have fuel cards from other suppliers. Some of them, using cards like Allstar – are NOT getting a discount on their fuel and paying transaction fees.

You should ring Theo Woolard on 0844 870 6942 to find out what having the right fuel card, at preferential rates could mean to your business, whether you have 2 or 50 vehicles.

*Subject to credit rating

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