Valuing People Survey – Driver Training

Fleet managers’ roles are expanding and becoming increasingly complex. New technologies, legislations and customer demands have shaped both the industry and the fleet manager’s role. The role has developed to become more strategic, gradually evolving into ‘Mobility Managers’ responsible for end-to-end travel and transport arrangements.

This is placing considerable pressure on the time (33%) they have available to conduct training and get their drivers engaged with it. A third said they find insufficient interest from drivers a key barrier to implementing driver training and 26% cited insufficient senior management support. Budget (11%) and difficulty in accessing experts to deliver the training (3%) were other key issues. Even so, 60% said they provide regular training to drivers, and only 13% said they don’t offer any at all.

With more than a quarter of all road traffic accidents involving someone who is driving for work, according to Health and Safety Executive data, the need for driver training among business drivers is paramount. Fleets that had undertaken driver training said they found it was one of the most effective ways to retain employees.

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Shell and Fleet World Valuing People Survey

In this second part of our series of exclusive surveys, Shell and Fleet World questioned 266 fleet executives to find out how they interact and monitor their drivers. Covering car, van and HGV operators, the results reflect some surprising attitudes to the issues facing fleet management

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