Valuing People Survey – Vehicle Monitoring

The vast majority of fleets questioned (67%) said they do not use in-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS). As a result, they are missing out on potential efficiency, safety and cost savings, which these telematics devices can bring, particularly in terms of identifying areas where driving behaviour could be improved.

Of the 28% who do use in-vehicle monitoring systems, the vast majority (84%) reported an improvement in driver behaviour, and around half of those said they had seen a significant improvement since using the technology.

It appears driver concerns remain the key issue when it comes to installing IVMS – cited as an issue by more than half of those who have implemented it. That’s a significantly higher percentage than cost, time, or lack of management buy-in.

Drivers can be naturally suspicious, seeing the devices as ‘a spy in the cab’, so working with a mobility solutions provider who can help to reassure them, address their concerns and highlight the benefits these systems can provide for them is key. A company should be clear to its staff on the expectations and uses of the systems and how they fit within its overall road safety programme. It is recommended to involve drivers from the outset, so they do not see this as ‘big brother’ but rather as a support tool that helps them enhance their driving skills, recognises good performance and rewards it accordingly.

The rewards are huge; those fleets who implemented IVMS and who cited driver resistance as a key issue reported a significant improvement in driver behaviour (54%) while a third (32%) saw a mild improvement.

In general terms, vehicle monitoring has been proved to be very effective in building safer and more economical fleets. The devices have been shown to result in a 60% reduction in incidences of speeding, a 29-100% reduction in high potential, catastrophic, major or serious accident rates, and also identifies poor driver behaviour such as sudden braking and harsh acceleration.

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Shell and Fleet World Valuing People Survey

In the second part of our series of exclusive surveys, Shell and Fleet World questioned 266 fleet executives to find out how they interact and monitor their drivers. Covering car, van and HGV operators, the results reflect some surprising attitudes to the issues facing fleet management


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