Motorists warned of part-worn tyre dangers

Motorists warned of part-worn tyre dangers

Vehicle safety organisation TyreSafe has published new data highlighting the ongoing risks that some drivers face when purchasing part-worn tyres.

A number of convictions have taken place in recent months regarding unscrupulous dealers that have knowingly sold part-worn tyres that were unfit for use and presented a risk to safety for drivers. In one instance, a dealer was found to be selling a part-worn tyre that had a nail embedded in it.

All vehicle owners should therefore carry out thorough inspections before purchasing any part-worn tyres, while they should also carry out checks on the dealer themselves to ensure they are buying from a reputable retailer.

Chairman of TyreSafe Stuart Jackson said: "The number of convictions of unscrupulous part-worn dealers should cast doubt in the minds of Britain's motorists on whether the product they are buying in good faith is safe to use at all.

"TyreSafe research has shown all too often these tyres are not safe and, even when they are, they do not represent good value for money."

All new tyres will typically have a tread depth in excess of 8mm, while legally, part-worn tyres are required to have tread depth of no less than 2mm – this is just 0.4mm more tread than the legal minimum requirement of 1.6mm.

Mr Jackson added that all vehicle operators should therefore check that any part-worn tyres come with the appropriate markings of roadworthiness and have sufficient tread to be road legal.

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